Tactick Escape Games rules:

1. You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. All clues you need to solve the puzzles are in the room: you just need to find them and put them together. 

2. Our puzzles are designed to be solved using logic, critical thinking, observation, insight, communication and teamwork.

3. Some of our puzzles are solved physically but nothing requires physical power. In other words, some of our puzzles require you to solve them with your hands but none of our puzzles require force. If you feel that force is required you are on the wrong track.

4. Don’t stand or climb on furniture, unless it is marked for such actions.

5. Any objects that are marked with the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign are part of the decoration and not part of the game. Please refrain from using any and all objects marked with that sign.

6. No object, clue, combination or solution can be used twice to unlock or solve two different puzzles.

7. Our rooms are equipped with cameras to monitor safety and track participants’ progress throughout the game. If you are stuck, you have the ability to ask for up to 3 hints. If you have used up all 3 of your hints, Tactick reserves the right to give you a hint to help promote the moving of the game. The hint button is found in the room and marked with the word ”HINT”. When the hint button is pressed, a green light will turn on for approximately 45 seconds. You will be unable to ask for another hint as long as the green light is on.

8. Electronics are not allowed inside the game. Please do not take pictures or recordings inside the room.

9. Keep any clues, combinations or puzzles to yourself so that others may enjoy the room after you.

10. Tactick will take a couple of pictures of you and your team after the game to post on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook..). Please inform us if you prefer not to have your picture taken and posted on social media.

11. Please advise us beforehand if you have any health issues that may arise in this type of game (example: respiratory issues..).

12. Tactick reserves the right to refuse entry, or to remove from the room, any person whose demeanor or actions are deemed to pose a threat to the safety of themselves, other participants, or the room itself. In this case, there will be no refund or other compensation.



In what language is the game carried out?

All our games are in English. Some have other languages for the sake of the theme but they do not affect the game-play.

Are kids allowed to play?

Our games cater to all age groups. However, kids under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult for safety purposes.

What should I bring?

You are not required to bring anything. However, if you have any medical needs (inhaler, medicine…) we propose you bring it with you.

What are your rates?

Please press the button below to be able to view our rates.

How long is the game?

The time given to escape our rooms is 60 minute. please come 15 minutes before your reservation in order to get acquainted with the rules of the game.

Where can I book a session?

You can call our number +96181330332 or press the button below to check our rooms and access online reservation.